The Butcher

The Butcher is a qualified¬†engineer who became a Special Forces soldier in Australia’s SASR and saw action in the Iraq invasion of 2003. The Butcher was eventually discharged with PTSD after being held hostage by insurgent groups, and returned to his family home in the Kimberley area of the country.

After returning home,¬†he became a loner who worked long hours in the town’s abattoir, while building his own farm away from the main town. When the meteor hits, he is saved by his own paranoia, as he has established a secure, underground lair by extending a WW2 bunker he found in the area around his farmlands. The Butcher has been preparing for a doomsday situation for years, with a large stockpile of weaponry and supplies ready at hand. The virus eradicates most of his memories, leaving behind only his skills, his paranoia, and snapshots of the traumas he has experienced.

The Butcher moves alone, and dresses each day as if it were the last before impact. His blood-stained apron and gloves are only supplemented by a gas mask he kept in his bunker. Tormented by fragments of his memory, he is driven to try and piece together his new world, while killing anything and anyone he deems a threat.

The gasmask hides his face at all times, and his stealth sees him become an almost myth-like ghoul to the survivors he walks amongst.

Concept work by Richard Marsh

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